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New Product – Apricot & Almond Roll

Angeles Fine Foods is proud to announce that we have a new Paiarrop product  – Click here to find out a little more about Paiarrop. We are now stocking the apricot and almond roll – 180g.

The apricot and almond roll is made from dried fruits such as apricots. Apricots were a part of the traditional cuisine of many countries. It also includes high quality gourmet Marcona almonds. Almonds are an excellent source of potassium, calcium iron and Vitamin A and B3.


The Paiarrop apricot roll has been produced with the highest quality apricots and Marcona almonds. Just like all the other Paiarrop rolls it has no added sugar.

The dried almonds and apricots are crushed thus obtaining a more homogeneous mixture and allows a finer cut and presentation.
Paiarrop rolls are usually consumed as a dessert but you can try them together with cheese or in salads for a delightful contrast!