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Lactose Free & Gluten Free Cheese?

Lactose and Gluten Free Cheese? Is there such a thing? Simply, the answer is YES!

Introducing Beemster Cheese.

Beemster Premium Dutch Cheese is a traditional Gouda from Holland, but unlike any other Gouda you’ve tasted. Beemster is made by a cooperative of small family farmers and master cheesemakers, founded in 1901. Beemster cheeses are rich and flavorful and available in a range of ages, as well as with flavors mixed into them. We welcome you to learn more about Beemster and find your favorites.

Beemster cheese is produced in the most famous Dutch polder, ‘the Beemster’. In 1999, UNESCO declared this marvellous polder a World Heritage site. The Beemster polder has a unique mineral rich soil which gives the characteristic taste to our milk and our Beemster cheeses.
Each wheel of Beemster cheese -with its own secret recipe- is handcrafted by our Master Cheesemakers using artisan techniques.
The traditional ripening is done in historic warehouses, on wooden boards and under natural conditions. This allows the cheese to grow in texture and taste and become an award winning Beemster Cheese!

But what makes the cheese gluten and lactose free?

Great gourmet cheese comes from great milk. Great milk comes from happy cows.caringdairy-e1404912909387[1]

Beemster is a founding partner of Caring Dairy, introduced in 2008 as a program to audit farming practices and ensure that Beemster is working in a sustainable way that integrates animal welfare, farmer welfare, land preservation, energy, and climate.

The tenets of Caring Dairy are:

  • Happy cows: active, conscientious care for cows to ensure their health and welfare.
  • Happy farmers: fair living wages and education to establish economically sound farms.
  • Happy Planet: control the impact that farming has on land and climate, conserving use of energy and making the supply chain sustainable from cow to cheese.

Beemster promises that our delicious cheeses come from cows raised humanely, without artificial growth hormones and with free range access to pesticide-free pastures, clean air and fresh water.

Q. Can I eat Beemster if I have lactose intolerance?
A. Lactose naturally ages out of cheeses. Once a cheese is aged 4 months or longer, it is lactose free.
In addition, Beemster washes the curds multiple times during cheesemaking and this also removes lactose from Beemster cheeses.


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