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Just Launched: Lush Dessert’s Couverture Chocolate Buttons

All About …

Chef Peter Little

Lush Desserts is the creation of Chef Peter Little, having extensively worked in 5-star hotels and restaurants in Europe, Japan, Australia, in a career spanning 25 years.

Peter’s extensive knowledge of ingredients and flavours has been used to create premium quality desserts for the good food market. Peter loves creating desserts that people remember eating. Creating a brand of desserts that his customers instantly recognise as restaurant quality.

We are proud to be launching the Lush Desserts Couverture Chocolate Button range.

The range includes:

  • Milk Chocolate – 34% Cacao Butter
  • Dark Chocolate – 70%  Cacao Butter
  • White Chocolate – 40%  Cacao Butter
  • Caramel Chocolate – 40%  Cacao Butter

Why should you consider stocking Lush Couverture Chocolate Buttons?

  • An extension to the popular Lush Desserts Brand of chilled desserts – now within the baking and ingredient category.
  • One of few Australian Made Chocolate Couverture Buttons of quality.
  • Perfect to snack on as a treat.
  • Perfect for baking, cooking, and tempering with.

Couverture Chocolate Buttons by Lush Desserts explore the range.