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Discover the Difference with Cheddar from the UK

Somerset Caves

Cheddar originated in the late 12th century in Somerset from the caves known as the Gorge in the town of Cheddar. These caves served as the prime place to store this cheese thanks to the humidity and balanced temperature which made it perfect for maturation.

In 1170, the King of England, Henry II, bought 4.6 tons of the stuff while his son, Prince John, ordered cheddar for all the royal banquets on a regular basis. Even beyond that, Charles I would pre-order cheddar before it was made, patiently awaiting its creation. From royal palates in the olden days to everyone’s palates today, cheddar cheese is the most widely consumed cheese in the world, as noted by the British Cheese Board.


While cheddar is made elsewhere than the UK, there are only a handful of makers in the West Country that have licensing from the EU Protected Designation of Origin of “West Country Farmhouse Cheddar.” The requirements are that these cheddar cheeses must be made on a farm in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, or Somerset, and further, must be made with locally produced milk and traditional cheddar-making methods.

Available in 200g, 400g Truckle (pictured above) and 2kg Wheels


A Peek at the Most Famous Cheddar: Dorset Drum

Cheddar is certainly one of the most common names for cheese today. However, what sets apart the best cheddar from ordinary ones is that little logo on the packaging that authenticates its rigid standards of production.

The green Dorset pastures!

Coombe Castle offers a divine Dorset Drum English Farmhouse Cheddar. Made on a farm in Dorset, the milk comes from the gentle herds of cows that graze upon the abundant green pastures in England’s Southwest region. The unique recipe utilizes handmade methods that have been stringently followed for centuries.

The difference between this type of UK cheese is that it has a distinctive and slightly sharp taste with a full depth of flavour. Cheddar produced elsewhere or in those large creameries has a saltier and creamy taste. And with the Dorset Drum, it aptly blends that flavour with mild, creamy delight. The black wax contains it and to enjoy, one must simply slice the top off the drum, spoon out the cheddar, and savour it.

Aside from the black wax casing, you’ll notice the word-famous Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) indictor on the package, confirming that the cheddar you’re about to taste is among one of the best in the world in the realm of Farmhouse Cheddar.

Order your Coombe Castle Dorset Drum to craft a splendid cheese tray or indulgent dinner. The richness is beyond compare. For a sublime tasting experience, pair it with a beautiful Bordeaux to help bring out the tasting notes.

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