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Corsini, and Biscuitterie Les Saules En Quercy Now Available

Angeles Fine Foods has just received a fresh delivery of gourmet European biscuits.



Cantuccini biscuits and the Corsini family’s specialties have always been deeply bound to the Tuscan tradition and clearly represent at every occasion the pleasure of the renowned “Tuscan good life style”. A traditin of sweetness that over time has also established itself in the Panettone, Pandoro and the other specialties of Casa Corsini.

Angeles Fine Foods will now be carrying the following Corsini products.

  • Antica Dolceria Cantucci Mandorle 150g
  • Antica Dolceria Cantucci Cioccolato 150g
  • Corsini Almond Cantuccini 200g
  • Corsini Soft Amaretti 200g
  • Corsini Hazelnut Croccoli 170g

Biscuitterie Les Saules En Quercy


Since 1967, from father to son the Gazaud family has maintained the Quercy buicit making savoir-fare.

Living in a rural area tha boasts an excellent gastornimc reputation, they rigorously selcect premium ingredients to consistently produce a high quality product.

Angeles Fine Foods will now be carrying the following products.

  • Quercy Meringues 140g
  • Quercy Croustillants 175g
  • Quercy Croustillants aux Amandes 175g
  • Quercy Croustillants Orange and Chocolate 175g
  • Quercy Curbelets Pur Beurre 140g
  • Quercy Cigares Chocolate 220g