Why choose us to distribute your gourmet food product?

Are you manufacturing gourmet food? Perhaps it could be your famous preserves, sauces or beverages. Possibly you have sold your products on a small scale – at local farmer’s markets or to friends and family. Now you’re considering retail networks such as gourmet food stores, fruit markets, delicatessens or supermarkets.

If so, you probably have a lot of questions about how to take your gourmet food “creation” to the retail market. Here are some reasons why you should choose Angeles Fine Foods to distribute your “creation” to our extensive retail network.

In order to get your gourmet food product to the consumer certain things need to happen.

Building a Customer Base

Angeles Fine Foods understands that you need to get your product out there. Angeles Fine Foods has a customer base including hundreds of gourmet food stores, fruit markets, delicatessens and supermarkets in Sydney and Australia wide. So you have no need to worry about finding new customers and new people to stock your food “creation”.

Our sales reps regularly visit our extensive retail customer base and will present your food “creation” onto our loyal customer base.

We love working with new suppliers on ways to market and present your gourmet food “creation” to consumers. We often do product tastings and demonstrations at our loyal customers retail stores.

Competitive Factors

What makes Angeles Fine Foods a competitive distributor and wholesaler?

  1. Angeles Fine Foods has 50 years + combined experience in the gourmet food distribution and wholesaling  industry
  2. We also work with national and international brands.
  3. We have a customer base existing of 500+ customers.
  4. We have contacts with retail buyers.
  5. We promote your product via our Sales Reps and also Online through newsletters and Social Media.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us! We look forward to working with your gourmet food “creation” soon!

Duerr’s Is Back In

We’re excited to unveil the new 340g range of Duerr’s jams (pictured above). The new 340g range of Duerr’s jams are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free. The Gluten Free and Vegetarian logos are clearly displayed near the nutrition information.
The following flavors are available.

Duerr’s Strawberry Jam – As English as the Queen and bowler hats, only the best strawberries are used and gently cooked to make this classic favourite for a real taste of summer. Toast and scone-perfect….
Duerr’s Raspberry Seedless Jam – Made from succulent premium raspberries, and for those who get them stuck in their teeth, we’ve taken out those pesky pips.
Duerr’s Raspberry Jam – Sun-ripened raspberries are plucked from the field at precisely the right moment to make the juiciest of jams. Perfect for layering sponge cakes, cream teas and luxurious toast-topping…
Duerr’s Blackcurrant Jam – Our blackcurrant jam is made from plump, juicy blackcurrants to make a spread perfect for toast or in tarts.
Duerr’s Apricot Jam – Contains apricots plucked at perfect ripeness. The colour of summer…

Angeles Fine Foods YouTube channel Launched

Angeles Fine Foods now has a YouTube channel.

We have created a YouTube channel to provide you with some insight on our products and their origins.

Please take time to regularly visit our channel at –

Videos will be regularly uploaded about us and our suppliers.

Included below is our very first video upload which introduces one of our brand new products – Exotic Thai Food.

[youtube height=”300″ width=”450″][/youtube]