The history of the Green Sicilian Olive

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Olives have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years, long before the canning industry, grocery stores, and martinis came into play. But a few decades ago, your average Australian knew only a few varieties—some were green, some were black, some were pitted, and the best ones were pimento-stuffed…and that was that.


Many myths describe the origin of the olive tree, one of the most famous tells about the dispute for the ownership of Acropolis between Poseidon and Athena (Minerva to the Romans) which ended with Zeus decision to award with the victory the goddness, who buried something in the ground which in time grew into an olive tree.

This turned out to be the most useful gift, granting the Athenians. The History of olive trees is even related to the birth of the major. Western cultures: it begins to be cultivated in the Palestinian-Syrian coast around 6,000 years ago. Since then olive tree is treated and selected to become fundamental for the economy of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Anatolia, Greece and Roman Empire. Under the olive tree is said Apollo was born, who is even affiliated to the Palm and lauren symbology, and his sister Artemis, it is perhaps no a case that the goddess of beauty arises just below the plant of sacred fruits, used early in the Greek world for the body care.

The sacredness of the olive is not just in the mythology, but also the biblical texts, In fact, only the olive tree, from all those included in the Garden of Eden, is the tree of life. This sacredness also returns in the Christian tradition: a dove carrying a twig in its beak, tells Noah about the end of floods, becoming a universal symbol of peace.

  • A superstar olive gaining popularity.
  • Also known as Nocellara de Belice.
  • Natural Castelvetrano olives are pale green in colour.
  • Round, medium-sized fruit.
  • Grown mostly for olive oil, but also table olives.

Boasts a crisp, tender bite with an irresistibly mild, buttery-sweet flavor.

Perfect for pairing with other Italian antipasti like dry-cured salumi, sharp Italian cheeses and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.


  • Sicilian Orange & Olive Couscous Salad
  • Roasted Lemon & Herb Chicken Thighs with Castelvetrano Olives
  • Lemony Greek Hummus Topped with Castelvetrano Olives
  • Castelvetrano Olive Tapenade & Fresh Mozzarella Crostini
  • Castelvetrano Olives Warmed with Fresh Herbs & Citrus

Beware of imposter Castelvetrano olives! Consider the shocking green hue of many Castelvetrano olives your warning sign. That electric green dye is not natural and, in fact, illegal. Often it’s not even included on the label. Natural Castelvetrano olives are pale, straw green—nothing neon about them!

We import Antonio Granata Green Sicilian Olives. The Green Sicilian Olives (Castelvetrano olives) are Italy’s most ubiquitous snack olive. Bright green, they’re often referred to as dolce (sweet), and come from Castelvetrano, Sicily, from the olive variety nocerella del belice. They have a Kermit-green hue, meaty, buttery flesh, and a mild flavor. Consider serving them with sheep’s milk cheese and a crisp white wine.

Lactose Free & Gluten Free Cheese?

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Lactose and Gluten Free Cheese? Is there such a thing? Simply, the answer is YES!

Introducing Beemster Cheese.

Beemster Premium Dutch Cheese is a traditional Gouda from Holland, but unlike any other Gouda you’ve tasted. Beemster is made by a cooperative of small family farmers and master cheesemakers, founded in 1901. Beemster cheeses are rich and flavorful and available in a range of ages, as well as with flavors mixed into them. We welcome you to learn more about Beemster and find your favorites.

Beemster cheese is produced in the most famous Dutch polder, ‘the Beemster’. In 1999, UNESCO declared this marvellous polder a World Heritage site. The Beemster polder has a unique mineral rich soil which gives the characteristic taste to our milk and our Beemster cheeses.
Each wheel of Beemster cheese -with its own secret recipe- is handcrafted by our Master Cheesemakers using artisan techniques.
The traditional ripening is done in historic warehouses, on wooden boards and under natural conditions. This allows the cheese to grow in texture and taste and become an award winning Beemster Cheese!

But what makes the cheese gluten and lactose free?

Great gourmet cheese comes from great milk. Great milk comes from happy cows.caringdairy-e1404912909387[1]

Beemster is a founding partner of Caring Dairy, introduced in 2008 as a program to audit farming practices and ensure that Beemster is working in a sustainable way that integrates animal welfare, farmer welfare, land preservation, energy, and climate.

The tenets of Caring Dairy are:

  • Happy cows: active, conscientious care for cows to ensure their health and welfare.
  • Happy farmers: fair living wages and education to establish economically sound farms.
  • Happy Planet: control the impact that farming has on land and climate, conserving use of energy and making the supply chain sustainable from cow to cheese.

Beemster promises that our delicious cheeses come from cows raised humanely, without artificial growth hormones and with free range access to pesticide-free pastures, clean air and fresh water.

Q. Can I eat Beemster if I have lactose intolerance?
A. Lactose naturally ages out of cheeses. Once a cheese is aged 4 months or longer, it is lactose free.
In addition, Beemster washes the curds multiple times during cheesemaking and this also removes lactose from Beemster cheeses.


Find out more at

Top French Cheeses You Have to Try …

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I’ve just read an interesting article titled .. ‘10 French Cheeses To Try‘.

Funny enough, a lot of the French Cheeses mentioned are imported into Australia by us. I’ll list some of my favorite French Cheeses – You might be surprised by some of these on the list … If you haven’t tried these cheeses – Be adventurous and give them a go!

Bleu Cremeux


Bleu Cremeux – just as the name states, is a mild and creamy cow’s milk cheese, made in the Auvergne region of South France. The cheese is characterized by its blue-green mold. The Bleu Cremeux has a relatively clear and sharp flavor. This cheese is perfect for a cheese board or can be used for hot dishes in place for gorgonzola. Particularly mild, the Blue Cremeux is the perfect blue cheese for beginners, and as an accompaniment to wine.



Comté is the king of French cheeses – every wheel is hand-made using raw cow’s milk and aged in enormous caves. During a maturation, which lasts anywhere from 6 months to 24 months the 35kg wheels of cheese develop an amazing depth of flavour – the underlying sweet note is accompanied by a rich flavour of roasted nuts and subtle creamy, yeasty finish. Comte is delicious paired with sparkling wines and Pinot Noir.



A very unique goat cheese from the region of Perigord in France. Pico is creamy and dense, soft-ripened with a slight white mold. Typically compared to Camembert – but very different as pico is especially made with goats milk. Pico is sold at a relatively young maturity, the cheese will develop as it ages, changing into a much more complex and pungent chevre. Very flavorful and very aromatic, with hazelnut notes. A must try for goat cheese lovers!


Photo 13_langres

Langres is a French cow’s milk cheese that originated from the plateau of Langres in the region of the Champagne Ardenne, France. Langres has been granted the AOC designation – which means that this cheese is protected and can only be produced in the Champagne Ardenne area of France. Langres is surrounded by a washed rind, the centre of the cheese is a bit soft and crumbly, and appears creamy in colour.

It is milder than the more famous Epoisses, but slightly salty with a strong smell. The firm pate melts in the mouth, leaving a complex taste. It looks great on the cheeseboard, and goes well with a salad, Red Wine from Burgundy, Marc de Bourgogne or Champagne. You will love this cheese. Don’t be scared by the look of it .. It is not real strong.


Photo 04_chaource


Chaource is another AOP cheese whose reputation is rapidly evolving. Chaource is  manufactured in the heart of the Champagne region of France.  It is smooth and a superior soft cheese with a bloomy rind. If you are a brie / camembert fan – you will love this cheese. It is a very similar style cheese – however it is much taller and therefore much creamier in the center.

Cremeux D’Argental


The Cremeux D’Argental is a soft white mould cheese with a slight hint of mushrooms and a delicious soft, silky interior. This cheese is perfect if you love mild, creamy cheeses. Crémeux d’Argental is a cheese in its own right and should not to be confused with a French Brie – Although very similar, you can see that the Cremeux D’Argental is a little thicker – it is traditionally made in 2kg wheels. It has indulgent buttery characteristics as it is produced from milk that has been specially filtered to yield a silkier texture than Brie. A must on your to try list!

Petit Soumaintrain

Photo 05_petit

A soft cheese, named after the village located 15km from Auxon in the area of Yvonne in Burgundy. You will love this cheese. It is one of my favouries. It is a very soft, delicate and fluffy cheese. As it matures, it becomes really soft and oozy. It does pack a bit of a punch – The Petit Soumaintrain will please the hardcore French cheese lovers! The cheese tastes excellent with Chablis, Rose, Petite Sirah and of course Marc de Bourgogne.



Emmental is a yellow, medium-hard cheese that originated in the area around Emmental, in Switzerland. It is one of the cheeses of Switzerland, and is sometimes known as Swiss cheese. We do sell a French version of this cheese which is made on the border of France / Switzerland. It’s a very popular cheese especially used for grilling – Best known for being melted on top of a traditional French Onion Soup! Yum..


Some other cheeses you might want to try are

  • Val D’Armance
  • Cantal
  • Tomme De Savoie

Comment below on your thoughts..

Sydney Food Wholesale

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Are you looking for the best Sydney food wholesale business, but have yet to find the right business for the job? Then look no further than Angeles Fine Foods. No we aren’t just another wholesaler. We are located in Sydney, Australia and have been in the industry for over 30 years. Since opening our doors we have partnered with top food producers all over the world, and we have made it our goal to connect with the best companies available.

What do we Wholesale?

While many businesses choose to look for a wholesaler for each food product they need to import, we provide a one-stop-shop so they don’t have to! Not only do we import gourmet cheeses, but we also specialize in a plethora of other Sydney food wholesale products. Take a look at a list of a few of the basic foods we specialize in below. Our catalogue includes:

  • Olives – Green Sicilian, Gaeta, Ligurian
  • Dips
  • Bone Broths and Cooking Stocks
  • Pastas – Wheat, Wholemeal and Organic
  • Biscuits
  • Crackers – Gluten Free
  • Chocolates
  • Honey
  • Candy
  • Waffles
  • Peanut butter and many more items..

You can view our entire product catalogue here – Product Catalogue

Why you should choose us as your Sydney food wholesale company

While other business wholesalers claim to offer the best, their products often lack the quality that you need. Our products, however, are only the finest available. We import wholesale food from all over the world, and are always testing the quality of our products to ensure they are the best available. Although a large selection of products is important, the taste and grade of the product is equally as important. We focus on both, so you can always get what you need, when you need it. As a Sydney food wholesale company our goal is to supply retailers in Australia and around the world with fine foods at wholesale prices.

Take a look at our selection of fine foods today and get your order started. Your customers are waiting on you.

Pure Delish a finalist at the Australian Food Magazine Awards 2014

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Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-Ola is a breakfast cereal made from 85% nuts, seeds and freeze-dried raspberries. Not only is it wheat, gluten and dairy free it also contains no grains so is suitable for those consumers on a paleo-style diet.IMG_7157_1024x1024[1]

The innovative breakfast option was developed to fill a need from customers who wanted a ‘grain-free’ but energy filled cereal and is based on a ‘granola’ style of cereal which has a more ‘clustered’ texture than a traditional muesli.

Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-ola is made from a blend of nuts and seeds which are coated with almond meal, pure Canadian maple, real vanilla extract, New Zealand honey and olive oil then baked in the oven until golden and clustered, with freeze dried raspberries added for an extra burst of flavour. As the only dried fruit in the cereal is the raspberries, it is also low in sugar.









Unfortunately the Pure Delish Raspberry and Maple Nut Nograin-Ola did not win. However placing in the top 6 baked goods is an awesome achievement that we’re all proud of.

If you would like to stock the Pure Delish Raspberry and Maple Nut Nograin-Ola or would like to find the nearest store that stocks it,

Click here to contact us.


Here’s some feedback on the product …


Hi there, I have just discovered this fantastic ‘no granola’. I LOVE it!!! I have been a muesli devotee for as long as I can remember, often making my own but sometimes time restrictions mean I have to buy pre-made. Yours is, without a doubt, the best I have ever tasted. I don’t need to make it anymore – I will always buy yours! Fantastic flavour, texture, balance and full of goodness. I just want to say thanks a million for getting it to Australia – i am wrapped!!  Cheers, Jacqui

good to know…

  • no grains or fillers
  • naturally no wheat gluten or dairy
  • no sulphites or refined sugar
  • no added salt or sodium
  • only 10g of sugar per 100g
  • high in fibre, selenium, phosphorous, magnesium
  • cholesterol and transfat free
  • source of protein, iron, zinc and manganese

2014 Food Magazine Awards Finalist

Cheese Wholesale Sydney & Melbourne

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Angeles Fine Foods, Australia is the premier cheese wholesaler in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Through a network of superior cheese distributors, we work one-on-one with only the best in the biz to bring you incredible cheese wholesale products at affordable prices. Our experience and expertise in the world of cheese gives us the leading edge over the competition, and helps us provide the best tasting cheeses from all over the world.

Our exclusive cheese wholesale selection includes imported French cheese, English cheese, and of course Australian cheeses. We don’t just buy cheese, we study it. We look for the perfect cheese to import and add to our cheese wholesale selection in Sydney. Angeles Fine Foods focuses on superior quality and impeccable taste, while offering clients incredible range of  wholesale cheese in Sydney and Melbourne.

Angeles Fine Foods is dedicated to partnering with only the best, high-quality, superior cheese producers in the world. We guarantee that our products are truly amazing.

From stinky, washed rind cheeses to sharp strong cheeses, we carry a wide variety of products that are sure to please your taste buds along with your budget. Our connection to small, privately owned cheese factories enables us to offer our products at wholesale prices. In fact, our cheese wholesale prices have garnered the attention of hundreds of local vendors in Sydney and Melbourne.

If you are looking for access to high-quality imported and local cheeses, then look no further than Angeles Fine Foods. We are dedicated to providing incredible products for an unbeatable price, and when it comes to cheese wholesale in Sydney and Melbourne we lead the pack. Try it out today and discover the difference that experience and knowledge makes in your wholesale products. You will love the price and your customers will love the taste of our fine imported cheese selection.

Angeles Fine Foods has moved location

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Moving a business is a little bit trickier than moving a home. The pulse of the business can’t take a break from packing orders, unplugging cool-rooms and re-stocking a warehouse. At the same time, the emotions surrounding leaving your old home are very much the same. For three years Angeles Fine Foods Australia has been located at Moorebank, Sydney, NSW. We have now taken another leap in our growth and are pleased to announce that we have moved our offices to a new location to better serve our clients.

Our warehouse and office have moved to Five Dock, Sydney NSW. Our details are below.

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Address: Part A 131-139 Parramatta Road
(Entry via William Street) Five Dock 2046, Sydney, Australia

Phone:1300 762 138
Fax: +61 2 9715 7055


Angeles Fine Foods will be able to better meet the needs of newcomers with:

  • Our warehouse and offices at one welcoming location.
  • More visibility in the community with a street-front Parramatta Road presence.
  • An accessible entrance which is easy to locate
  • One central reception area
  • Private meeting rooms, and wheelchair and mobility impaired accessible offices


Corsini, and Biscuitterie Les Saules En Quercy Now Available

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Angeles Fine Foods has just received a fresh delivery of gourmet European biscuits.



Cantuccini biscuits and the Corsini family’s specialties have always been deeply bound to the Tuscan tradition and clearly represent at every occasion the pleasure of the renowned “Tuscan good life style”. A traditin of sweetness that over time has also established itself in the Panettone, Pandoro and the other specialties of Casa Corsini.

Angeles Fine Foods will now be carrying the following Corsini products.

  • Antica Dolceria Cantucci Mandorle 150g
  • Antica Dolceria Cantucci Cioccolato 150g
  • Corsini Almond Cantuccini 200g
  • Corsini Soft Amaretti 200g
  • Corsini Hazelnut Croccoli 170g

Biscuitterie Les Saules En Quercy


Since 1967, from father to son the Gazaud family has maintained the Quercy buicit making savoir-fare.

Living in a rural area tha boasts an excellent gastornimc reputation, they rigorously selcect premium ingredients to consistently produce a high quality product.

Angeles Fine Foods will now be carrying the following products.

  • Quercy Meringues 140g
  • Quercy Croustillants 175g
  • Quercy Croustillants aux Amandes 175g
  • Quercy Croustillants Orange and Chocolate 175g
  • Quercy Curbelets Pur Beurre 140g
  • Quercy Cigares Chocolate 220g

Cyclops and Pure Delish Taste Testing

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Angeles Fine Foods was on show at the annual Norton Street Grocer food fair. The Norton St Grocer food fair is a celebration of fresh gourmet food. The annual Norton St Food Fair takes place at both Norton St Grocer stores – Leichhardt and Bondi Junction.

We showcased two of our gourmet food products which come all the way from New Zealand.

  1. Cyclops Yoghurt’s – Find out More about this product here

Cyclops Yoghurt’s are a all natural organic yoghurt. They are available in the traditional Greek style, and also in various flavours. They are non GMO, High in Protein and above all taste delicious. They were a huge success on the day.

  1. Pure Delish Muesli and Bars – Find out More about this product here

Pure Delish muesli was very popular, customers loved the fact they had discovered a product which is wheat(gluten), dairy and egg free.

The food fair was a HUGE success.

Here are some photos from the Norton Street Food Fair:

[gdl_gallery title=”nsg-food-fair” width=”100%” height=”200px” galid=”1″ ]



New Product – Apricot & Almond Roll

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Angeles Fine Foods is proud to announce that we have a new Paiarrop product  – Click here to find out a little more about Paiarrop. We are now stocking the apricot and almond roll – 180g.

The apricot and almond roll is made from dried fruits such as apricots. Apricots were a part of the traditional cuisine of many countries. It also includes high quality gourmet Marcona almonds. Almonds are an excellent source of potassium, calcium iron and Vitamin A and B3.


The Paiarrop apricot roll has been produced with the highest quality apricots and Marcona almonds. Just like all the other Paiarrop rolls it has no added sugar.

The dried almonds and apricots are crushed thus obtaining a more homogeneous mixture and allows a finer cut and presentation.
Paiarrop rolls are usually consumed as a dessert but you can try them together with cheese or in salads for a delightful contrast!