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Casalingo … A Taste of Tradition

Our Italian Heritage

The Ventura family originated in Abruzzo Italy, where for three generations, prosciutto and other Italian delicacies were produced for the local people in the area. This tradition was then brought to Australia by brothers, Francesco and Carmine Ventura.

For the next 30 years Carmine and wife Angelina continued to make Italian delicacies from their North Fitzroy butcher shop, and today, the family tradition lives on through son Domenic and grandson Carmine Jnr who use only the finest of Australian grown produce to manufacture these very special products from their state of the art facility in Clayton, Victoria.

Casalingo continues to grow today with a focus on European style meats including prosciutto, pancetta, chorizo, bresaola, a classic range of salamis and the finest fresh sausages. Our products are made in Australia from traditional recipes and are manufactured specifically for the Australian/Asian market.

Today Casalingo is committed to continue delivering and enhancing this quality product to the specialty retail and wholesale market.


Casalingo’s salamis are made using only the finest Australian pork meat and imported Italian seasonings.

With multiple salami types available, ranging from Calabrese, Felino, Fionocchiona, Abruzzese, Cacciatore, to Truffle and Hungarian, you’ll be able to find the perfect salami for your next grazing platter, sandwich, pizza, or as a little bite on its own.

Available in various sizes.


Our slow cured smallgoods are produced from prime Australian pork and beef that is slow cured or aged to develop flavour and aroma.

From prosciutto, pancetta, bresaola, capocollo, guanciale, lardo or smoked speck, our slow cured range are flavoursome and can be enjoyed as part of a grazing platter or in recipes.

Available in various sizes.

Casalingo – A Taste of Tradition

At Casalingo we have a long history of producing traditional Italian smallgoods in our family-run business. Our current range includes salamis, slow cured meats, sausages, as well as Continental goods, all of which are produced to the highest quality using traditional recipes.

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