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From the famous wine-making region of Jerez in Andalucia, comes this exceptional vinegar by Videsan S.L. In the warm climate of southwestern Spain, fine sherry wine is slowly aged in new oak barrels to slowly acidify and become that unique stable of the Spanish kitchen, sherry vinegar. This sherry vinegar is made using the solera system, where each year aged vinegars are added to the new ones to ensure a consistent, smooth vinegar each year. Some of these oak barrels are aged for over 40 years!
This vinegar is aged for a minimum of 24 months and is great to use as a finishing vinegar, or in cooking. With a richer flavor than white wine vinegar, but without the thick, syrupy intensity of balsamic, this vinegar is perfect for grilled pork, marinated fish, or creating a vinaigrette with one of Spain’s arbequino olive oils.