Handmade Quality

Handmade in Gippsland, Victoria

Luscious fresh milk and meticulous craftsmanship create this fantastic selection of premium Australian artisan cows’ milk cheeses.

Situated in Victoria’s Gippsland region, Tarago River Cheese is a joint venture between two local farming families, the Jensens and the Johnsons. Together they were pioneers of Australian artisan cheese making, creating Australia’s first commercially available blue cheese.


Australia’s favorite soft blue cheese. Made using cream-enriched whole milk, this rich, luscious cheese has a soft, creamy texture and distinctive, mild, sweet blue mould flavour; a very dependable Brie cheese eaters blue. Like the “Triple Cream Cheese” the cultures grow quickly in the warm, rich, creamy milk producing a firm, chalky cheese. The Roqueforti mould cultures break this down to a soft texture and mild, full flavour. 2kg


Tarago Blue Orchid has been named so after the native “Sun Veined Blue Orchid” that grows in the local alpine region on the Great Dividing Range. The Roqueforti mould cultures develop an intense blue vein, with strong bitterness evident early in maturation. As the proteins breakdown to bitter peptides, the flavour moderates, resulting in a smooth texture, sweet pungency and a delectable flavour once matured. The cheese has a loose curd structure which enables excess whey to be expelled, leaving the sweet and spicy well balanced on the palate. 1.5kg


Made from whole cows’ milk in the style of the grand Italian blue vein, Gorgonzola Dolce. The curds mature to a soft, runny texture with a full and slightly astringent flavour, yet still sweet and buttery on the palate. To finish, the flavour lingers with the spiciness and tang of the blue mould. The aggressive yeast and mould cultures liberate ammonia and other aromatics which deliver a pungent bouquet with the cheese ripening in 8-10 weeks. The natural yeasty rind allows the cheese to breathe during storage and this should not be stifled when wrapping. It is generally described as a “medium” strength blue with a creamy full flavour. 1.8kg


Tarago River Gippsland Brie is made in the modern style of light fermentation with the Candidium mould cultures permeating the curd, softening the texture and developing the flavours. Special waxed paper and perforated plastic wrap is used to care for the delicate surface rind (allowing it to breathe). Best eaten when soft and runny (generally around the best before date) it becomes more buttery and slightly sticky as it matures. 1.2kg


Related, but very different to Brie, this triple cream has a fat in dry matter content of 75%. The white mould (Candidium) blooms on the exterior of the cheese within 10 days of production creating sharp citric-yeasty flavours near the rind that can become slightly musty and bitter as the cheese ripens. At maturity the chalky core develops into a rich buttery texture with a clean, yet intense creamy, yeasty and earthy flavour profile. 1.7kg


Washing the surface of the chalky curds with a light brine solution will encourage the brevi-bacterium linens and LAF yeast added in the wash. It is a tricky cheese influenced greatly by the seasonal milk conditions. Developing a rounded flavour from the many strains of cultures, and washing regularly without “rind-slip” is an art indeed. Seasonality variations can see it develop some slightly patchy white and blue mould spores, which is a completely natural occurrence. 1.4kg

Tarago produces a range of artisan cheese right here in Gippsland, Victoria.

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Located in West Gippsland, Victoria, Tarago Cheese Company utilises modern cheese-making technologies into its production process while still honouring the farmhouse way of life and its traditional cheese making practices. The free-range farm and its crop/flora management delivers clean fresh milk and in turn, cheeses with unique complexity and depth.