Tarago River Triple Cream
Similar but very different to brie, this triple cream has a high fat content. At maturity the chalky core develops into a rich buttery texture with a clean, yet intense creamy and earthy flavour.

Tarago River Jensens Red
During the early stage of its development, the rind of this cow’s milk cheese is washed using a light brine solution, this encourages the growth of bacteria covering its rind. When the cheese has matured it has a sticky-orange, stinky-aromatic rind.
Tarago River Brie
Is made in the modern style of light fermentation. Gippsland Brie is best eaten when soft and runny when it becomes runnier and slightly sticky as it matures.
Tarago River Shadows of Blue
This rich double cream blue vein cheese has a creamy flavour, similar to Blue Castello. The wax coating should be removed before eating; it is there to help retain moisture as the cheese ages. Tarago Shadows of Blue is often described as a ‘brie eater’s blue’.
Tarago River Blue Orchid
Has been named so after the native “Sun Veined Blue Orchid” that grows in the local alpine region on the Great Dividing Range.This cheese has a smooth texture, sweet pungency and a delectable flavour once matured. The cheese has a loose curd structure which enables excess whey to be expelled,leaving the sweet and spicy well balanced on the palate.
Tarago River Gippsland Blue
Made from whole cows’ milk in the style of Gorgonzola Dolce. The curds mature to a soft, runny texture. The flavour lingers with the spiciness and tang of the blue mould. It is generally described as a “medium” strength blue with a creamy full flavour.