Ruffled Feathers & Co is part of Ronda Food Products who have been making delicious food products for over 30 years and we are based in Brisbane, Australia.

We produce a premium range of fresh Pate, Aioli and Mayonnaise that are hand made in small batches to ensure that we always deliver a consistent flavour and quality. Most of our products are Gluten Free and wherever possible are made without the use of added preservatives.

We are a family owned and operated business and our goal is take the food that our families enjoy and to make it as fresh and tasty as possible and share it with others. We really hope you enjoy our products and thanks for supporting Ruffled Feathers & Co.

Rogers, Cush, Fairly and Hixon families.


Hand Cut Pate Slices
With four different recipes available these delicious 120g Pates are designed to appeal to everyone. This range is hand sliced and starts with a mild traditional flavoured Farmhouse recipe up to the full flavoured Duck with Wild Mushroom Pate. Packaged in a beautiful cardboard sleeve this range makes an ideal addition to your cheese platter or to simply enjoy on it’s own.
Farmhouse Hand Buttered Chicken Pate Slice
Cracked Black Pepper Hand Buttered Chicken Pate Slice
Farmhouse Hand Buttered Chicken
A mild and smooth chicken Pate with a melted butter decoration. Add a little bit of caramelised onion with this Pate and you will be in heaven
Cracked Black Pepper Hand Buttered Chicken
A delicious smooth chicken pate with a melted butter decoration that has an extra peppery kick. This is one of our best sellers!

Duck & Wild Mushroom
A rich and creamy duck pate that has an amazing red bell pepper decoration. The wild mushrooms makes this one a little bit posh!

Grand L’Orange
A smooth chicken pate with a citrus flavoured decoration. Just like its name it is very grand.
Aioli & Mayonnaise
Our Aioli’s and Mayonnaise are made fresh with no added artificial nasties so it is made just like you would at home. We love our food here and these products are so versatile that we use them on everything such as a topping on a sandwich, burgers, fish and of course hot chips! All this talk of food means we are going to have to go and raid the warehouse, again