The Anchovies RIZZOLI fillet in spicy sauce is the incomparable and classic product since 1906. Before being threaded and packaged in the typical and traditional gold tin, the best Mediterranean anchovies are artisanally made and marinated in a wooden barrel. You encounter the Rizzoli anchovies quality in the first bite: soft and fleshy fillets with thousands of refined nuances. Put the Rizzoli quality on the table and you will never be able to manage without them again.
Tradition and quality are enclosed in their classic tin with traditional production, the careful thread and the maturation in wooden barrels guarantee the quality of a product. Fleshy and appetizing anchovies fillets are dipped in a precious and accurately selected Extra virgin Olive oil to bring out their natural taste without covering it.
  • Rizzoli Anchovies in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 90g
The Rizzoli gold selection holds the best anchovies fished from the Mediterranean sea, unique for taste and aroma, in practical jars.You can see the quality…