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KASSERI PROIKAS, a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheese, is expertly crafted by Proikas Dairy Industry in Sohos, Thessaloniki, Greece, using an age-old recipe that spans over a century. Made solely from carefully chosen Greek sheep’s and goat’s milk sourced from native breeds that roam freely in the Sohos region, this cheese is devoid of preservatives and additives. Thanks to its extended maturation and low moisture content, kasseri PROIKAS boasts a distinctively full taste and a unique aftertaste.

Kasseri PROIKAS PDO, renowned as the premier authentic kasseri in Greece, has also made a significant impact in international markets. It has garnered prestigious accolades globally, including:

The coveted 3 Stars Great Taste Award in the United Kingdom
The distinguished Gold Award from Monde Selection in Brussels
The esteemed World Cheese Award in the United Kingdom
The prestigious Superior Taste Award in Brussels, and more.
Savor its excellence by allowing the cheese to rest outside the fridge for thirty minutes before indulging. Enjoy it as a table cheese, paired with a glass of wine, or relish it as a bagel accompaniment, in sandwiches, and on toasts. Experience the versatility of kasseri by frying it into saganaki and serving with tomato jam, or incorporating it into spring rolls, pies, soufflés, pasta gratins, and traditional Greek dishes like pastitsio.