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Feta PROIKAS stands as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheese. Proikas Dairy Industry, situated in Sohos, Thessaloniki, Greece, crafts Feta using 100% pure Greek sheep’s and goat’s milk sourced from carefully chosen native breeds of sheep and goats that freely roam the Sohos region. The cheese is crafted without any preservatives or additives.

Through extended maturation in brine, Feta PROIKAS (PDO) evolves into an authentic and exceptional cheese, boasting a distinctive flavor infused with the scents of the Greek countryside. Its rich, characteristic aftertaste further enhances its appeal.

Enjoy Feta as a table cheese, complementing main dishes, or relish it as a raw or fried appetizer. It’s perfect for saganaki, Greek salads, pies, omelets, and bouyurdi. The cheese elevates the aromas of Mediterranean cuisine and salads. What’s more, Feta pairs wonderfully with ouzo, tsipouro, and raki, leading to delectable culinary combinations.