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This triple cream brie-style blue cheese hails from the Allgäu region in southern Germany. As one of the most modern creameries in Europe, Käserei Champignon uses pure milk from local dairy farms that use no preservatives, additives, stabilizers, artificial flavors, or gluten. All the milk that comes into the creamery is rigorously tested for quality and freshness which guarantees the freshest and best possible cheese.
The Cambozola Classic cheese you have in your shipment today is smoother, creamier and milder than a typical blue, so even folks who think they don’t like blue
cheeses because they’re “too strong” may find themselves craving more.
Our CAMBOZOLA Classic is deliciously creamy and mild with a hint of blue; a perfect beginner’s blue. It’s a triple cream, soft ripened cheese with blue veins, made with pasteurized cow’s milk. During the manufacture, the master cheese-maker adds high-grade blue cultures to the milk, which form fine blue veins in the cheese when it matures. It’s this exceptional combination of especially creamy soft cheese and refined blue cultures that make CAMBOZOLA so irresistible.