The Huon Method is our innovative farming philosophy:
✓ Stress Free – Raised to mirror the natural life of salmon in the wild.

✓ Well Nourished – The highest quality feed dispensed by our ingenious feeding system.

✓ Kept Clean and Healthy – Nurtured in the most spacious enclosures in the world.

✓ Raised with Sustainable Practices – In the crystal clear open waters of Tasmania.

We stock the following products:

  • Huon Salmon Select 90g
  • Huon Salmon Premium 100g
  • Huon Gravalax w/Dill 100g
  • Huon Salmon Premium 200g
  • Huon Salmon Banquet 250g
  • Huon A Grade salmon 500g
  • Huon A Grade Salmon 1kg
  • Huon Salmon Premium 1kg
  • Huon Hot Smoked Salmon Portion 150g
  • Huon Hot Smoked Chilli Portion 150g
  • Huon Hot Smoked Lem/Pepper Portion 150g
  • Huon Salmon Caviar 50g
  • Huon Smoked Salmon Dip 150g