GOLDYNA Pty Ltd is a family owned, fast growing business established in 1999 and located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Our clean, beautiful environment provides us with the perfect manufacturing conditions and ingredients. We continue to provide the highest quality products, punctuality and reliability as we learned it in our native Switzerland.

Part of our mission is to treat our environment with the highest respect, having a strict recycling policy in place, and to create happy workplaces.

The GOLDYNA range consists of our bestselling Mayonnaises with fresh ingredients, Salad Dressings, Sauces, and Mustards.


Bold Garlic Aioli Mayonnaise
Robust & Intense
Garlic lovers will finally be satisfied as this pungent aioli style mayonnaise packs a punch!  Pair it with grilled seafood or sliced roast beef, or use as a dip for chips and vegetables. This aioli adds a boost of flavour to any dish.

Coriander, Lime & Chilli Mayonnaise
Piquant & Zesty
This perfectly balanced trio of South American inspired flavour is slightly spicy, with the fresh zest of lime and a distinctive coriander (cilantro) bite. Enhances any food from steaks to sandwiches! Try it with shrimp & avocado for a refreshingly easy salad.

Sweet Mustard & Dill Mayonnaise
Sweet & Savoury
Pieces of fresh dill and a touch of mustard add zip to this slightly sweet, classic flavour combination. Use as a basting sauce for BBQ ribs, a dipping sauce for fresh seafood, or try as a perfect accompaniment to smoked salmon.

Lemon, Ginger & Chilli Mayonnaise
Exotic & Spicy
This assertive combination of exotic flavours with a spicy finish is a flavour-lovers substitute for any dish using plain mayonnaise. Transform deviled eggs into a heavenly appetizer or simple pasta salad into a culinary feast.

Cucumber & Caper Mayonnaise
Crisp & Cool
Pieces of sweet pickled cucumber and salty fresh capers contrast perfectly in this creamy tartare style mayonnaise. A must for tea sandwiches, this mayonnaise is also the best home-style accompaniment for crispy fish and chips.

Fresh Wasabi Mayonnaise
Mild Zing
Asian inspired Wasabi style horseradish gives a subtle bite to this savoury, velvety textured mayonnaise. Spice up traditional coleslaw, add zip to pasta salads or use as a dipping sauce for fresh-shelled crab.

Swiss Style Mayonnaise
Creamy & Tangy
A traditional smooth Swiss style, whole egg mayonnaise with a slight savoury tang and a creamy, rich taste. Do as the Swiss do, and use on asparagus, deli meats, salads and fresh fish. Or try with fresh ground pepper on French Fries!

Seafood Cocktail Sauce
Fresh & Light
Fresh pieces of pickled cucumber and capers add subtle texture to this home-style cocktail sauce. Perfect for dipping, this pourable sauce easily clings to fresh seafood without overpowering the delicate flavour of the fish.

Tartare Sauce
Cool & Creamy
Sweet gherkin pickle and salty capers contrast deliciously in this home-style tartare sauce. Traditional fish and chip lovers rejoice. Liven up a sliced ham sandwich or add to egg salad for a flavourful twist.

Apple Cider Vinaigrette
Crisp & Tangy
Real apple cider vinegar is used in this old fashioned dressing recipe. Just like grandma used to make, this dressing will bring back the flavours of home. A classic on fresh greens or toss with lightly steamed vegetables for a tasty treat.

Balsamic Vinaigrette
Classic Savour
Rich and savoury traditional Italian Balsamic vinegar is blended with garlic, red bell peppers, and our home-style mix of fresh herbs and spices to create a perfectly balanced dressing.

Creamy Caesar Dressing
Traditional Recipe
For true Caesar salad taste, this traditional recipe is creamy and rich in flavor, with whole egg, ground fresh pepper and a salty hint of anchovy. Transforms any fresh green into a Caesar style salad, just add grated parmesan.