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Giovanni Pazienza’s entrepreneurship resulted in the establishment of Cara Nonna, a small fresh pasta factory, in 1989. The Cara Nonna pasta factory is located in the heart of Tavoliere delle Puglie (famous for the remarkable production of high quality wheats), and the company was converted to produce dry pasta using Apulian wheat shortly after.

A traditional bronze die extruded Tuscan style pasta with a long, broad shape. Ideal for serving with a meaty sauce. Pappardelle means “gobble down” in Italian, and there has never been a more fitting name. This broad, hearty noodle wraps around your favourite ingredients to make a delectable dish worthy of Tuscan envy. Our traditional bronze cutting creates a porous surface that allows the pasta to cook evenly and absorb even more sauce! Magnifique! Make the Italian pasta dish you’ve always wanted with our pappardelle pasta.