Caciotta caprina 800g 

Caciotta is a pure goat’s milk cheese characterised by a sweet flavor and delicate aroma. It is greatly appreciated for its soft consistency. This goat cheese is very satisfying for even the most demanding of cheese lovers.

Aged: 60 days

Caciotta imbufalita 800g 

Caciotta imbufalita is made with 100% Buffalo’s milk. A characteristic of this cheese is its soft texture which becomes creamier with aging. It has a delicate and persistent flavour.

Aged: 60 days

Toma Capritilla D.O.P 2kg 

This is a traditional goat’s milk Piedmont cheese with a delicate flavor. Its texture is smooth and soft while the taste is refined thanks to the seasoning.

Aged: 60 days

Toma Piemontese D.O.P 2kg 

This is a traditional cow’s milk Piedmont cheese with a delicate flavor. Its texture is smooth and soft while the taste is refined thanks to the seasoning.

Aged: 60 days


Lunatico 800g 

Lunatico meens “moody” because its taste can vary. When it is young and fresh it is great for salads and appetizer. When it is ripened it melts in Risotto and other cheese specialties. Lunatico is characterised by its golden glow around the rind and its rich and creamy centre.

Aged: 60 days

Sbirro 1.5kg 

Sbirro is a truly unique cheese. It is the first and only cheese that uses Menabrea beer in its production. It represents one of the most appreciated results in the area of innovative product research. The main goal of our study was to create a cheese with an original taste and scent where the beer enhances Sbirro without suffocating it, but actually exalting the quality and excellence of both products. The special processing of this cheese and its covering with hops gives it a unique taste not found in any other cheese on the market. Aged: 90 days.

Born from the experience and Biella craft excellence, Sbirro is the result of a collaboration between dairy Botalla Cheese and Menabrea Beer of Biella, companies that share a passion for the tastes and flavors of the area to enhance and reinvent, in addition to being “live across” in the center of town: on the one hand, the cheese curing cellars and on the other the tanks for beer fermentation.

The original cheese is made by hand, with the milk of Biella Pezzata Rossa of Oropa and Bruna Alpina and with the Menabrea beer, who won for two consecutive years the award for best “Pale Lager” in the world.

When it comes to making cheese, the Bonino family are similar sticklers for detail. Milk for Botalla cheese is sourced from two different types of local cow, Pizzetta Rossa and Bruna Alpina.

“They’re smaller than ordinary cows,” explains Alessandra Vigliani, the company’s export manager, who’s leading me on a tour of the cheese cellars. “A commercial cow produces about 50 litres a day, but our cows only produce 15. But they live longer and the quality of the milk is really high.”

They check every litre that comes to them before they even start making cheese with it, and then every cheese that is made—around 80,000 on this site—is checked daily, and turned at least once a week.

“We have to be very organised,” Vigliani shrugs. “You have to really love your job.”

A strong nasal constitution helps, too. Unlike the brewery over the road, which smells ferment-y in a hoppy kind of way, the Botalla cheese cellars smell ferment-y in a burped-up-baby-milk kind of way—round and ever so slightly sickly somehow.

It’s potent, particularly in the cellar holding the cheeses left to sit for 120 days or more.

What had been the imaginings of two friendly Italians over a pint obviously still seemed like a good one in the cold light of day. Thedy and the Boninos dedicated two years to working out how to bring their beer and cheese together into one magnificent round of cheesey beery goodness.

“At the beginning, they put the beer in with the milk during the cheesemaking process, so that the beer was inside the cheese,” explains Vigliani. “But at the end of the ageing process, it wasn’t very good. It didn’t really taste like cheese.”

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