There is nothing better than having, using and cooking with fresh food and produce. Having our gourmet food business for well over ten years, we have the simple pleasure of presenting our fare to you every day at our new establishment “The Factory” in Kirrawee, a true gourmet food lovers paradise.

Our chefs, who have learned their craft in some of Sydney’s top restaurants, bring beautiful gourmet food to you, and every day we create modern Australian food that is delicious, light, fresh and different whether it’s for breakfast, a weekday lunch, an a la carte weekend brunch or meals to take home for the family to enjoy.

Our philosophy is about eating fresh, healthy food without preservatives and additives ensuring you have the benefit of a beautiful gourmet food experience.

Black olive gourmet food is a gourmet food lover’s paradise, owned by gourmet food lovers.

Black Olive Gourmet hand-select the finest products to ensure you have a divine food experience.


Caramelised Balsamic 250ml has a sweet but gentle acidity thick & rich, it may be used to enhance a variety of dishes.
Originating in ancient Egypt Dukkah is a balanced blend of nuts, seeds and spices.
  • Black Olive Dukkah with Lemon Myrtle 100g
  • Black Olive Dukkah with Pistachio 100g
  • Black Olive Dukkah with Chilli 100g
  • Black Olive Dukkah with Cracked Pepper 100g
  • Black Olive Dukkah with Garlic 100g