– Barossa’s Rosedale Park is a turnkey company, eg unlike most producers we grow, harvest, press, infuse and package all in house. Most brands are more like middle men or sub contract each section of the process so we have a real quality control advantage.
– all of our products are First press, Cold Pressed, and unprocessed meaning the quality is much higher. We do not do second press or heat up, add anything to the the oil ( unless we are infusing which is done at the same time) it’s very basic and traditional, basically the pip, flesh, water and pulp go down the drain and the super fresh oil in the bottle, all with in hours of picking.
– grown in the Barossa surrounded by vines the trees are irrigated with reverse osmosis purified spring water, we are the only grower to do this, in general terms it enables us to produce a Worlds Best Product as we control and give the tree what it needs based on climate conditions etc. The base is the purified water, once we bring it back to a completely neutral level we simply through leaf testing etc add base elements to balance the plant perfectly. A happy tree always gives the ultimate fruit.
Key advantages of this is Worlds lowest acidity levels, typically 0.1% and very low peroxide levels, the two key indicators of quality. The lower the better, these are the ingredients that age both the internal organs and external look of a person and impact on taste, no nasty overtones that spoil good produce when cooking etc. Why would you spend extra money buying high quality produce if you are going to pollute it with excessive acids etc when preparing it?
– We only produce Extra Virgin Oils with no cholesterol, no carbs and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our Infused range is the same that’s in our non infused range, most if not all other infused oils in the market are second grade oils that are infused to mask imperfections in the product.