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Antonio Granata

As an olive tree expands its roots deep into the ground, sinking them to draw vital nourishment, so our company recognizes in the forefather of the Antonio Granata family an original fulcrum for an activity based on passion, genuineness, respect for traditions. Hard work and commitment guided us through generations to be an example and a point of reference!

Green Sicilian Olives

Prized for the ever so popular Green Sicilian Olive - Whole & Pitted

Ligurian Olives

The traditional black olives of Liguria. Full of flavour.

Antipasto Mix

Mix of olives, grilled vegetables and fresh herbs!

Food Service & Retail

The Antonio Granata range encompasses both the Food Service and Retail channels

Antonio Granata Olives


Mediterranean Flavour.

Taste of Tradition.


Created by Antonio Granata – Naples.

Only those who, like our company, have built their future working hard for years stand really out in this era of globalization, deserving the title of a solid and reliable company.
In 1957, when he was just fifteen years old, Antonio Granata, progenitor of the family, began his activity in the food sector as a street vendor, establishing a direct friendship with his customers from the beginning; today, as then, the mutual esteem that binds us to our customers makes us proud of the trust accorded to us and makes us commit to keep it always alive, as a fundamental value.
Handed down from father to son, now our method is also appreciated abroad thanks to the commitment of the new generation of the Granata family, which has managed to make the tradition of the good taste of Italian olives known beyond the borders.

Variety of olives and genuine food specialities

In fact, we have reached levels of excellence in the preparation and processing of gastronomic specialities and typical products such as pickles, and appetizers. The heart of our business is composed of a wide assortment of olives, all of which are selected from the best cultivars.

From green sicilian olives and black ligurian olives in the typical brine, we add seasoned olives, pitted olives, the so-called “passoloni” that are the dried olives, and much more.
Almost as a warning, and certainly as a mission, we always have an high consideration of good food that to be such can only start from controlled origin ingredients, that are healthy and genuine. We promote the typicality of the territory also to export them, and we personally take care of all the phases of the working process, from the growth in the olive groves to the harvesting up to the packaging, to guarantee the goodness of our products to all our customers!

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